Plug-in Solution

KKStream's plug-in solution is a turnkey solution designed for established companies looking to create more business opportunities. Our plug-in solution is easy to install and can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites or applications, ideal for businesses hoping to incorporate an event-based, short-term streaming service, or for streaming service providers looking to expand their scope of service. KKStream ensures our clients are caught up with the latest trends without disrupting operations or management efficiency.

KKStream is at the forefront of streaming technology and system integration, allowing us to seamlessly integrate the most cutting-edge technology into existing platforms, in the fastest to market time available. KKStream helps our clients access new markets and increase revenue—keeping business owners ahead of the curve and improving their bottom lines.

KKStream supports clients throughout the process—assisting clients in setting up the video streaming services and offering advise on operations. This solution is ideal for existing businesses with a massive user-base or for high-traffic websites or applications, including:

  • Telecommunications companies
  • TV stations
  • Net channels
  • Retail stores

We provide a SDK for applications and a library for websites, which can be easily integrated into existing platforms.


Streaming Platform

Linear, live, and/or VOD streaming integrated into existing websites or applications, including transcoding, DRM and multi-CDN solutions


Content Management System (CMS)

Allows for easy content, account and storefront management


Business Analysis

Compiles and analyzes data to provide stakeholders with insight to help guide business strategy


Business owners can further upgrade their platforms and increase their service offerings by plugging-in any of these additional features.


Linear Streaming

KKStream seamlessly integrates linear streaming into existing platforms, opening up new markets to streaming providers.


Ad-Based Linear Streaming

KKStream embeds advertisements into online linear streaming, helping online TV channels double their ad revenue.


Live Event Streaming

KKStream incorporates a live streaming page into existing platforms, using a live transcoding software powered by Wowza.


VOD Streaming

KKStream integrates a standalone VOD streaming page into business owners’ existing websites and/or apps.


See how plugging-in new streaming functions helps grow your business and increase revenue.


Success Story

Seamlessly integrating ad-based linear streaming into an existing platform

After successfully launching one of Taiwan's largest video streaming services in 2016, KKTV was looking to take their business even further—so they approached KKStream. KKStream seamlessly integrated ad-based linear streaming into KKTV's existing platform, without impacting daily business operations.