Encoding Solution

Unlike conventional hardware encoders, KKStream's cloud-based encoding solution continuously transcodes an unlimited amount of digital video files into a format compatible for streaming on all mainstream devices. Besides getting more files transcoded per day, files are also transcoded to support multi-codec streaming and adaptive streaming, and further optimized through per-title transcoding.

Our encoder automatically selects the least bandwidth-intensive codec compatible with a given player, while at the same time adapting bitrate according to user device and connectivity. Furthermore, our algorithm adjusts bitrate according to video type, ensuring all kinds of videos, from visually complex action scenes to simplistic animations, are delivered at optimal bitrate—both boosting overall network performance and enhancing users' viewing experience.

Our cloud-based encoding solution helps clients transition into the new era of video streaming. Ideal for:

  • content delivery networks and post-production houses that want to transition away from hardware encoding
  • content delivery networks and post-production houses that want to upgrade and replace their existing encoding methods

We deliver one of the world's most practical encoding solutions.


Cloud-Based Transcoder

Unlimited file transcoding and live transcoding that supports per-title transcoding optimization, multi-codec streaming and adaptive streaming



General AES encryption for content protection


We support transcoding for all major streaming needs.

  • File and live transcoding
  • A comprehensive range of input-output formats and protocols
  • Modern adaptive streaming formats such as Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH and MPEG-CMAF—and growing
  • Adaptive streaming for cross-platform players including iOS, Android, Smart TV, and HTML5

We can customize our encoding solution based on users’ individual needs.


Inclusive DRM Solution

If clients need more than general encryption, we offer all-in-one industry de-facto standards for copyrighted content protection – Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay.


Cross-Platform Player Solution

If clients don't already have a player, or are thinking to upgrade, we can bundle our encoding solution with a dynamic player compatible with all major platforms, including Android, iOS, HTML5, and Smart TV.


Start converting unlimited digital files into various streaming-friendly file formats, hassle-free.


Success Story

Transcoding an entire documentary library and adding DRM in just three days

Giloo, Taiwan's largest documentary streaming service for the Chinese-speaking world, needed to find a way to transcode hundreds of hours of feature-length documentaries and protect content via Hollywood-grade DRM in under a week. Under a tremendous time constraint, Giloo approached KKStream for help.