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VOD Encoding and Delivery

Smaller Files, Better Quality

Reduce cost by saving bandwidth, while still deliver extraordinary viewing experiences with Per-Title Encoding and Perceptual Streaming Engine.

If encoding process is a must for you to deal with, here is a new opportunity to let your business achieve excellence.

Powered by our revolutionary technologies, KKStream VOD encoder is the smartest choice for anyone who wants to stream more cost-effectively while maintain the high viewing quality.

Going beyond the limit of conventional hardware encoders, our cloud-based encoder can encode unlimited amount of videos into a format compatible with all mainstream devices fast and efficiently.

Perfect integration of our encoder with other applications further helps satisfy different business needs in any industry.

    VOD Encoding and Delivery

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    KKStream’s encoding solution supports comprehensive industry standard features and further innovates the state-of-the-art encoding technologies in all perspectives, saving operational cost and improving user experience.

    Highlights of our solution are:

    ● Per-Title Encoding (PTE) technology analyzes the best bitrate ladder for contents, largely cutting the operational cost.

    ● Perceptual Streaming Engine (PSE) enhances perceptual viewing experiences, enabling the capability to stream in lower quality (with extremely low bitrate) while let audience view in higher quality.

    We also provide high flexibility with multi-cloud adoption and multi-codec support for advanced optimization of encoding bitrate, saving more operational cost. Besides, unlimited amount of videos can be encoded within a guaranteed period of time.

      What Are Included


      Cloud-Based Transcoder

      Transcode unlimited files and support per-title transcoding optimization, multi-codec, and adaptive streaming.


      DRM Protection

      Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft Playready, and general AES encryption (ClearKey) are inclusive for copyright content protection.


      Per-Title Encoding (PTE)

      Analyze multi-dimensional complexity of contents to find the most effective bitrate ladder to reduce bandwidth usage and cost.


      Perceptual Streaming Engine (PSE)

      Stream and enhance videos in a perceptual way to deliver non-compromised viewing experience while encode with lower bitrates.

      multi codec


      Adopt standard codec (H.264/AVC) and the next-generation ones (H.265/HEVC and AV1) to offer the best quality and efficient bitrates on any device.

      multi cloud


      Deploy the encoding solution to any cloud infrastructure flexibly and easily, not limited to a specific cloud provider.


      Stream Smoothly

      Achieve excellent Quality of Experience (QoE) by enabling lower start-up delay and re-buffering rate through reduced bandwidth.

      Stream Effectively

      Cut operational cost, including storage and delivering bandwidth by encoding the content with its most appropriate bitrate ladder.

      Stream Smartly

      Use Perceptual Streaming Engine to enhance video quality and make HD contents look like FHD.


      Whether you're kickstarting a streaming service or migrating to a new platform, find out how our platform can improve your business.


      Success Story

      Transcoding an entire documentary library and adding DRM in just three days

      Giloo, Taiwan's largest documentary streaming service for the Chinese-speaking world, needed to find a way to transcode hundreds of hours of feature-length documentaries and protect content via Hollywood-grade DRM in under a week.

      Under a tremendous time constraint, Giloo approached KKStream for help.

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