Who we are

KKStream is a video streaming service consultant and technology company that combines cutting-edge technology with robust knowledge of the industry to deliver comprehensive video streaming solutions. With experience successfully kickstarting new streaming businesses and migrating multi-million user services to our scalable video streaming platform, we offer the perfect balance of business and technology insight to help our clients find the video streaming solution exactly suited to their business needs and ensure they are up-to-date on the latest technology and market trends.


How we started

Starting as a team within KKBOX—a music streaming service with more than 10 million users across Asia—we combined extensive experience in the industry, technological prowess, and belief in video streaming's potential to establish KKStream—a company that specializes in video streaming technology and operations. With a background in direct to consumer streaming service, we have accumulated a wide network of partners throughout the entire streaming ecosystem, ensuring clients have access to a diverse range of streaming resources to satisfy their businesses needs.


What we believe

Working in an industry defined by rapidly changing technology, our team is unified in our efforts to embrace change head on and push ourselves to remain at the forefront of the industry. We believe our strong technological background, extensive industry knowledge, and expertise operating direct to consumer streaming services—not to mention extensive experience driving both large-scale and start-up streaming service providers to success—keep our clients ahead of the curve, equipping them with the latest technology and ensuring they have the tools to immediately adapt to the latest industry trends.


Who's behind it

We're a team of streaming technology experts, content aggregation specialists, and growth hackers who combine technological prowess and business acumen to drive technological breakthroughs in the streaming industry. With extensive experience working across cultures and keen insight in the international streaming market, we carefully observe markets and user behavior to quickly react to industry changes.




Eric Tsai


Eric is a long-term technology enthusiast—with nearly 20 years of experience leading technical innovation and business operations for KKBOX group and keen insight into streaming technology, machine learning and other product expansion trends, Eric helped drive KKBOX’s successful expansion into the Asian market. Motivated to create a new kind of streaming platform, he helped bring KKStream to life—a platform he believes is the future of meeting the multifaceted demands of the rapidly changing streaming industry, from content management to user behavior analytics. With a track record for transforming start-up companies into leading streaming service providers, Eric is the mastermind behind KKStream's business direction and a valuable asset for anyone hoping to grow or kickstart their streaming business. Eric received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University.


Dennis Yang

Chief Content and Business Officer

Dennis has nearly three decades of experience in content licensing and digital media delivery—everything from music and games to TV shows and movies. Prior to joining KKStream, he successfully launched Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! Movies in Taiwan in the early 2000s, and developed the global content strategy for one of Taiwan’s top smartphone brands, HTC. He’s excited to bring his experience in content licensing to a vibrant young company, heaping with potential to lead the global transformation to streaming-based content delivery. Dennis has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University.


Drake Guan

Senior Technical Director

Drake is the visionary behind KKStream’s core technologies, leading technology innovation in KKStream and developing video streaming, data analytics, and next-generation machine learning. He believes in KKStream’s commitment to deliver exactly what the client needs, every time, which is why he’s making sure that KKStream delivers nothing short of top-tier technology, with enough customization possibilities to exactly fit each individual clients’ needs. He has an extensive academic background in Computer Science and Information Engineering, with PhD, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees from National Taiwan University.


Peter Zhou


A KKStream veteran, Peter spearheaded the effort to bring the original video streaming platform to fruition. Leading product innovation and customization at KKStream, he is determined to keep improving KKStream's services and solutions and help clients effortlessly roll out their own streaming solutions. With experience successfully transforming unprofitable streaming businesses into highly lucrative, multi-million user services, and deep insight into streaming operations and user behavior analysis, Peter is excited to be part of a company that leads our clients' businesses to success and drives growth across the streaming industry. Peter has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.