Encode and deliver beautiful video at unbelievably minimal bandwidth

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Higher Quality Streaming At A Lower Bandwidth

Optimize your content the smart way

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Automatically ingest content from anywhere

Use profile presets or customize your own

Analyze and transcode video content to the most efficient bitrate ladder using patented Per-Title-Encoding

Improve cost control with CMS

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We have helped forward-looking businesses transcend into the Digital Age by channeling the power of media streaming technologies.

BlendVision LOOM: The Perfect Video Encoding Solution For Cost-Effective High-Quality Video


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Prepare Content In The Cloud With BlendVision LOOM

  1. 01

    Start a new encoding job

    • 02

      Prepare settings

      • Content protection levels
      • Transcode efficiency levels
    • 03

      Apply profile presets

      • 04

        Get notified when content is transcoded

        • 05

          Verify transcoded content with preview window

          Plans & Packages

          • Monthly Pack

            Monthly usage-based fee with tiered discount

            Fee depends on output minutes, CDN usage, and storage utilization

            • Video CMS and consumption dashboard
            • Standard customer support
          • Content Protection (Add-on)

            Monthly usage-based fee

            Fee depends on traffic and selected protection level

            • Level 1. Clear Key: AES-128 encryption
            • Level 2. DRM: Vendor token
            • Level 3. DRM+: Playback token verified in every playback request
          • Upgrade to Premium Customer Support

            Billed monthly

            Contact us for more information

            • Onboarding call (max 1hr/month)
            • 24/7 performance monitoring & issue reporting

          BlendVision Products

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