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    Painless Service Transition With Minimized Integration Effort For Live And VOD Content

    uP!!!LIVEPASS is a Japanese ticketing service, operated by KDDI—one of the top three telecom operators in Japan, and PIA—the biggest ticketing company in Japan. In 2018, uP!!!LIVEPASS hoped to achieve vertical integration through adding video streaming services of live concerts (Live Streaming) and video playback (VOD), enriching users’ entertainment life.


    Seamlessly Integrate Ad-Based Linear Streaming Into An Existing Platform

    KKTV is a Taiwanese video streaming service provider that went online in October 2016. They approached KKStream with an idea: incorporate ad-embedded linear streaming into their existing VOD-streaming platform to generate additional revenue from advertisements.


    Transcode An Entire Documentary Library and Adding DRM In Just Three Days

    Giloo is a start-up company that has since become Taiwan's largest documentary streaming service for Chinese-speaking world. In 2017, they had a remarkable opportunity to host the first-ever online film festival exclusively featuring over 80 feature-length documentaries