Transcode An Entire Documentary Library and Adding DRM In Just Three Days


Giloo is a startup that has since become Taiwan's largest documentary streaming service for the Chinese-speaking world.

In 2017, they had a remarkable opportunity to host the first-ever online film festival exclusively featuring over 80 feature-length documentaries.

Value Delivered

Days before the festival, Giloo realized their player failed to meet the highest standards to thoroughly protect copyrighted content. Giloo needed to find a way to transcode hundreds of hours of documentary films into a digital format compatible with Hollywood-grade DRM—a process that usually takes at least a month—or else they would forfeit the chance to host the online film festival. With only days to spare before the festival, they approached KKStream.

Thanks to the efforts of the BlendVision team, Giloo complied with studio-approved security standards and was able to participate in the world’s first online film festival exclusively for documentaries, giving thousands of attendees the chance to stream Giloo’s full collection of documentaries online.

“Giloo successfully gave thousands of festival attendees streaming access to our full collection of feature-length documentaries. This was only possible because of BlendVision’s cutting-edge transcoding technology, Hollywood-grade DRM and extensive content delivery experience.”
— James Teng, Director at Giloo


Where competitors require at least a month, BlendVision LOOM brought Giloo completely into compliance with the festival’s copyright standards in just three days. The BlendVision team seamlessly integrated the following solution into their existing player.


BlendVision LOOM

We ingested and transcoded Giloo’s entire documentary library into a digital format compatible with a studio-approved DRM system, ensuring full protection for copyrighted content.

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