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E-learning is all the rage! 3 things you should know before building an online learning platform

In the post-pandemic era, we see a staggering rise in the e-Learning market in Asia. According to Allied Market Research, the market size is expected to hit $162.15 billion by 2030. In this article, we will dive into 3 sections: Knowledge of e-Learning, 2 major online teaching methods, and the difference between live streaming and video conferencing software, from the perspective of an online learning platform provider.


How to Live Stream a Hybrid or Virtual Event Like a Pro

Setting up a live stream is a great way to promote your events in this digital world. But how do you go about live streaming your event?


Deliver next-level home fitness vibes with KKStream OTT Solutions

FEELCYCLE’s parent company, FEEL CONNECTION, has partnered with KKStream to take their fitness in the dark aesthetic to new ventures. Together with KKStream’s streaming service,  FEEL CONNECTION has launched their new service, “FEEL ANYWHERE,” bringing immersive indoor cycling with live-streamed and on-demand instruction to the members’ houses.


9 Reasons Why You Should Have an OTT Service That Will Benefit Your Business

Today, media consumers prefer to access content through OTT websites or apps. An interesting study by Forbes shows that a consumer of OTT video owns at least three devices they can use to access OTT content and subscribe to at least three OTT services. Read the article to understand why OTT media can be a powerful weapon for your business.


How to Create and Launch Online Fitness Classes That Make Money

It's no secret that the fitness industry is booming. If you're a business owner, fitness coach, or decision-maker in the fitness industry, this is the time to enter the streaming realm, monetize fitness video, and make extra income as you support your fitness habit!


10 Video Streaming Technology Trends You Can't Miss in 2022

The video streaming industry has seen a boom in the last couple of years, and its consumption is still on an upward trend. Thanks to innovations like VR, 5G, multiview, super-resolution, and advances in low latency, streaming viewers can now enjoy a highly engaging experience.


Understand DRM and DRM-protected video types in 5 minutes

As the awareness of content protection increases, DRM (digital rights management) is mentioned more and more frequently. In this article, KKStream, a professional provider of video streaming services, will brief the concept of DRM and its main technologies, video types that should be protected by DRM, and what the user should be cautious about in 5 minutes.


Why DRM is Essential to Protecting Your Video Content in the Age of Online Streaming?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and helped make a “contact-free” life the new normal. In addition to content studios leveraging streaming to develop new business opportunities with applications, such as over-the-top (OTT) media services, online concerts, eLearning, and home fitness, companies in other sectors are also taking their internal and external communications, including training sessions and investor conferences.